Alligator grabs Us woman with dog

6ea4f1684ab7b02d7293604831b07c33 - Alligator grabs Us woman with dog

BEAUFORT – An American woman by an alligator seized him, and under the water is drawn. The victim (45) was, at that moment, her walking the dog, says the police in Beaufort County (South Carolina). They survived the not.

A witness had the police called to report the attack. That took place in a lagoon on Hilton Head Island, a popular destination among tourists. The emergency services found the body of the woman back later. The authorities now have a nearly 2.5-foot long alligator killed, which would be responsible for her death. The dog was unharmed.

Alligators in the United States, relatively few human victims. Research shows that farm animals, wasps, bees, and dogs are responsible for considerably more deaths. However, came about two years ago, a toddler killed when he was at Walt Disney World in Florida was seized by an alligator.

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