Access to housing under bridge suspended due to crackling sound

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Multiple properties that are located under the collapsed snelwegbrug in Genoa, they are not more accessible, so has the fire service notified. The decision was taken when, in the eastern part of the upright construction, the crackling was heard. Also the opruimingswerken in that area were stopped. In other places, however, still continued to work.

The people who evacuated were from the apartment buildings that are under the bridge, will be no admission to possessions. Luca Cari, spokesman for the fire department, stresses that it is a precaution. ‘The sounds are different than those that we the last few days have heard’, he says.

The Morandi bridge, a 51-year-old structure, had collapsed on Tuesday. More than 30 cars and trucks fell down from a height of 45 metres. Sure 43 people in the accident to the accident.


The Italian government considers the private Autostrade per l’italia, the operator of the bridge, responsible for the disaster. But the discussion on the question of guilt remains still raging. The Italian weekly L’Espresso has even sued the government and Autostrade per l’italia has for months on the height would have been of the problems with the bridge. At a meeting on 1 February took place, would the administrator is notified that some of the structures with 10 to 20 per cent’ to degenerate. However, the government neither Autostrade per l’italia measures were taken to reduce the traffic over the bridge to limit, according to L’Espresso.

The Italian professor Antonio Brencich, an engineer who was present at the consultation, speak that at. According to him, it was then and there informed that the quality of the steel in the concrete enclosed steunkabels in two of the three pillars on reverse was gone, but that it was to drop with ” eight to fifteen per cent’. The experts of Autostrade assured that this had no effect on the stability of the bridge.

20 million

“We saw the documents. We heard of Highway that the bridge is still safe and we heard that they were planning to have its fortifications to carry out. Then we have a positive evaluation was given for their project, ” says Brencich. According to that project, would there later this year for 20 million euro work carried out at the steunkabels of the two pillars. It is one of those pillars that Tuesday went. The third pillar was already in the nineties to work on the subject.

Brencich says that there is ” clearly something has gone wrong’, but that there was no evidence that pointed to a possible collapse.

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