“You have no idea how it is in Venezuela. We eat waste’

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Daily flights of thousands of Venezuelans for the economic and humanitarian crisis. Both Ecuador and Brazil are taking measures, which refugees get stuck in Colombia. “We don’t go back to be hungry.’

Each day, an average of 4,000 refugees from Venezuela, through Colombia have been drawn, on the border with Ecuador. The most of pull then to Peru and Chile, where family members live. The Ecuadorian government has on Sunday decided to only Venezuelans with a valid passport in the country to bring the situation again under control.

Because the lion’s share of the Venezuelan refugees, only an identity card in the pocket, sit, thousands of people jam the border with Colombia. The Colombian government denounced the measure taken by Ecuador immediately. “These people are stranded without food or medicine or a roof over the head,” she said.

Gabriel Malavolta (50) fled Venezuela three days ago. “I have a passport, but my wife only has her identity card,” he says to Reuters. “I wanted to go to Peru, via Ecuador. I don’t know where we’re going, but we are not going back. I send my wife back to be hungry. You have no idea how it is in Venezuela. We eat it waste.’

Camp fire

Also in Brazil, where Venezuelans living in refugee settlements, the pressure. Saturday were two camps in the north of the country on fire. It was a retaliation of the locals after a refugee’s property would have been stolen from a trader. The man was injured and decided to only local residents to mobilise to the Venezuelan abuser to take. During the fire in the refugee camps became no-one injured.

The Brazilian government decided in the aftermath of the fire to the refugee camps ‘to be as compact as possible” and is considering to, like Ecuador, a paspoortprocedure.


In total, since the beginning of 2017 for more than 127,000 residents from Venezuela, where a severe economic and political crisis rages, to Brazil fled. In the same period, attracted more than a million Venezuelans to Colombia, while since the beginning of 2018 to around 500,000 Venezuelans to Ecuador, and from there often to Peru and Chile, fled.

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