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Video recommendation of the week – Taproot, Schnorr and SIGHASH_NOINPUT

fcec45d9a2e5f0ffc95214716913a190 - Video recommendation of the week - Taproot, Schnorr and SIGHASH_NOINPUT

How is it with the latest innovations in the technology behind Bitcoin? In addition to the Lightning Network signatures and Scripts are always re-emerging keywords. In this Video, Bitcoin describes Core Developer Peter Wuille new features in the scripting system of Bitcoin.

Again Taproot? Until Recently, it was spoken on BTC-ECHO on Taproot as a concept in order to increase the Bitcoins privacy. So why again is the issue?

When reading about Bitcoin, you think about Innovation in the first line of the Lightning Network. This is revolutionary. I am convinced that not only this, but also Layer-2 solutions on other block chains of the next big technology-Hype in Crypto. But the Lightning Network technologies, such as special signatures or Script-defined Hashed timelock Contracts. In the spirit of dyor, it is therefore important to be aware of this Dimension of Bitcoin in more detail.

In a talk at the SF Bitcoin Devs Meetup Bitcoin Core Developer, and block stream, Co-Founder Pieter Wuille on Schnorr signatures, Taproot and other related developments. How these hang together, and why he sets a focus on the implementation of Schnorr signatures, and Taproot, can be seen in the Video:

Taproot, and Schnorr, and SIGHASH_NOINPUT, oh my!

Watch this Video on YouTube.

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