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Three full days of music without a note should cost

A weekend Coming, what should that cost? And what can you eat and do you drink that? En masse cups turnips? Ho but. “Since we spend really our time.”

“We have three days yet, no drankstand visited.’ It is to get started to feel sorry for the group of 17-year-old girls who are financially open map wants to play with us. ‘ …

“We have three days yet, no drankstand visited.’ It is to get started to feel sorry for the group of 17-year-old girls who are financially open map wants to play with us. ‘To drink, we give our receipts.’ Not even to a beer? “No, but that is not to say that we never sat, though,” says Kaji. “It is a matter of imbibe to the campsite, was to arrive on the meadow, and then, unfortunately, gradually sobering up.’ That repeat them sometimes several times a day. Drink bring, they do not really, their contraband, and is limited to empty bottles. Thus, they pull constantly to the taps where drinking water can be tapped. “But there are only two blocks with such taps for a whole festival grounds,” says Karlien. “How distressing is that!!!’

Receipts are within this group of teenagers only for eating, with two as a rough guide, for a meal. This is the maximum price for the girls is equal to Pukkelpops minimum. For an ice cream and a curry sausage after you have eaten nothing for one receipt. And so teenagers at a festival yet, especially in the fastfoodrayon shopping. French fries and spring rolls pass to the girls anyway, the most the revue. Or they the culinary more refined Food Wood all the way to the left on Pukkelpop? ‘Um, where is that Food Wood?’

Of a thrifty kind

Just rewind to Wednesday evening: the Youth Of Today performs at Pukkelpop and suddenly they stand for us: the real youth of today. A tienersquad of eleven girls. Or the next few days to tidy their Pukkelpop expenses to track for us? “Yes, I do that already,” said Karlien. Really?! ‘I must have everything self pay and I have worked hard for it. 205 euros for a combi ticket, I find that really a lot of money. Plus 30 euro camping on top of it. So I want the rest of my money really do not walk opsouperen on the meadow.’ Hence, the accounting.

Three days later, a new appointment with the teen-treasurers. Among themselves they differ, of course, but all eleven of them are from a thrifty type, all strains Karlien the crown. Her grand total to the festivalhonger and -thirst: 46,5 euros for three days, all-in. Decomposed is: 15 euro in shopping in the supermarket on the campsite, with 30 euros of receipts and understand is correct – one and a half euro for a juice outside the area. More it is not. A financial windfall for Karlien: she had a birthday Coming. What is not, fortunately, amounted to treat, or to receipts of the friends, 15 in total. ‘Very fine, with my ten tickets that I had purchased, I came anyway.’

The sharp budget of Karlien can her friends for one simple reason, you are not equal: Karlien drinking any alcohol. ‘Now we have no expensive liquor, but beer and wine, “says Luna,” so my kampeerboodschappen have a bit more money.’

And that youthful debauchery?

If geldbewuste, hard workers, so get the girls over. Stingy even to their words. And get some money, stopped at home, then they know not even what to do with it. Kaji: “I have 100 euros festivalzakgeld and go with the 90 euros back home.’ Yeah. But ask the man: where is that youthful debauchery? That is a little further away to get in a tent. “There is really what afgedronken hear, just not here. A few friends are now knock-out on the camping. Fun need not be expensive, if you don’t want to. We just think: a lasagne of three tickets, we have an hour before work. Is it really worth it?’

Conclusion, the spaarzaamste way to Pukkelpop by: to firmly imbibe at the campsite, empty bottles, fill with water, do not deviate from fast food and your receipts dosing. Exaggerated dosing. Because while Coming on its last legs runs, the girls still mad lots of receipts. ‘Nine!’ shouts one of them. Good for a few decadent last hours

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