This set was 13 hours married

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Bristol – The 32-year-old Michelle White from Bristol thought to saving for her wedding day, but now they all make ends meet to her husband Scott Plumley a dignified funeral experience. The two were 13 hours married…

Scott, a 41-year-old electrician, felt for a while not good: problems with the digestive system, where he medications for swallowed. That helped but little, writes the Bristol Post. In fact, on Thursday the 9th of August found Michelle and her fiance home exhausted on the ground. After the weekend, on Monday the 13th of August, came the verdict: esophageal cancer in the last stage. Prognosis: perhaps even weeks, but only days.

Michelle knew one thing for sure: there had to be married, and soon. That wedding plans, they had for some time, because Scott was the love of her life. Attentive and caring for her and for her children, a better man, she would never find. In less than a day organised by Michelle to her wedding. In the white, as it should be. With guests and cake and all the trimmings, thanks to the help of family and friends. Only the ’they lived happily ever after ” is missing. Less than thirteen hours later Scott.

Now share Michelle Plumley – she has the surname adopted from her husband – her story, in the hope that people with her fate are committed and want to contribute to the funeral costs. “I was hoping and thought for sure for another 20 years with him.” On a by her stuffed GoFundMe page was Sunday evening 19 August a little 3300 Pound donated. More than enough for a funeral. But unfortunately not for a happy ending.

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