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These are the flops of Pukkelpop

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They were orphaned on the stage, enthralled not, or came not up to the chitchat of the tent. Some of the artists had less time on Pukkelpop: ‘Halfway through the concert we had that there actually was a second sanseveria on the podium. That says very little good about the tension’


Geppetto and the Whales

With actually two sanseveria’s!

In the category of ‘returned’: Geppetto and the Whales.

The Antwerp-based americana band was in 2012 nominated for a ‘Breakthrough’-MIA, but that the Club only moderate flooding indicates that the breakthrough is not fully followed.Oscar and the Wolf had to skeptics to prove that they are the biggest venues to handle and that they have their hits not tired of hearing. Just up the alley of Max now its possible to go, as it turned out.

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Dirty Projectors

Not fascinating enough

Dirty Projectors are back with a Lamp Lit Prose, a summery album full of dance music and kekke hear trumpets. But live the band could the attention will not hold.

It is a band for lovers, Dirty Projectors, the band of David Longstreth believe in weird changes, summery keyboards and beautiful female vocals. The list of former or interimbandleden is long and includes, inter alia, the half-Vampire Weekend – related souls and countless suppliers of those engelenstemmen. Including since a few years also Amber Coffman, the guitarist who has some of the most memorable songs the band wrote. (photo: Geert Van De Velde)

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Maribou State

They were there, what orphaned at

‘Sounds like fun’, found a few guys that just got the booklet from Pukkelpop aloud had read in the Castello. No, Maribou State has not the large jars are broken where they are with their debut Portraits three years back claim thought.

Has the what with the limited charisma of the British electronic duo of Chris Davids and Liam Ivory? They were there, some orphaned, and some graslengtes furthermore, the shaman, J. ” on the Main Stage, quickly around the black-witgestreepte pajamas wrapped. It could, therefore, also, we realized after we had some Maribou States set the direction of the main stage walked.

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Phoebe Bridgers

Disturbed by the Boiler Room

‘A unicorn in the music business, ” was Ryan Adams on her a while back, and so, the primary focus of our ears for Phoebe Bridgers. From LA she comes, and together with like-minded souls as Julien Baker, Snail Mail and Lucy Dacus throws them under the cynical souls hard to ignore indie-rock a lifebuoy.

Unfortunately, Bridgers her set of acoustic guitars just dusted off before they get to the Club afzakte. They gave songs like ‘Georgia’ and ‘Would you rather’ is a swaying countrygloed with it rather than the spiky rockrafels that her beautiful business card Stranger in the Alps so pleasant to do, prick. Their fragile armor protected the songs also not against the boom of the adjacent Boiler Room.

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You Me At Six

Bastille with a hardcoresausje

Josh Franceschi of the British indierockers You Me At Six made of the Pukkelpop use to advertise their new album VI, which in October is released: not only was the title metersgroot behind the band, he also wore a jacket with the title. What, in the for a third full Marquee, the following amusing dialogue resulted from passers-by: ‘Who are they that, VI?’ ‘Also never heard of.’

Just to say: a festival like Pukkelpop is a smorgasbord, especially if everyone out of his tent, crawled inside and looking for something to be pleasant, or fast, wake up to be. For the sharp shock is You Me At Six are particularly suitable. The band picks up even with two guitars, an exception these days, and Franceschi s shout, the band has already had a Kerrang! Award completed.

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Yellow Days

Well chill out, little surprised

Interesting distribution in the tent: front troepten the young fans of indie-darling George van den Broek or Yellow Days together, in the back, we saw mainly men over thirty. Even more interesting was that the first group is significantly longer maintained than the slightly older music lovers. That drooped down as the set progressed, and to be honest, we can imagine why.

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Photos: Koen Bauters

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