The granny on her end with Family

d944017ca06f31c01e692ba9688d8ca5 - The granny on her end with Family

Every time we see her, we see a happy, radiant woman in front of us. Annie Geeraerts was earlier this month at 92 years young. Annie years ago has already reached retirement age but to say goodbye, she thinks, not yet. Or maybe a little bit because Annie realizes that it is on a day on and off, also in Family.

Soon she starts her 28th season as granny Anna Dierckx in the Family and then to know that they were originally but a contract of three months was given. “At that time, was something unseen in the television world. Afterwards I heard that my role was initially rather limited. But because Anna is so well received by the public, I was allowed to stay. And now I’m there yet,” laughs Annie this weekend in The Latest News. “I also want to continue as long as I can. One day it stops, as I realize it. How that will go, I don’t know. Probably Anna will just die. I do, however, have agreed with the writers that I myself do not state wants to see. For the rest, they may my choose end,” laughs Annie again. Die, it can happen every day, but Annie is hoping for a long time. “Family is an important part of my life. That I less and less lines of text have and the fact that the shooting days have been limited, especially with the storylines. So it is not so much that I no longer could and to be less work. Beware, I do suffer from a few ailments. Especially my knees playing tricks on me – steps, I can do no more. Now, the role of Anna and Albert (her husband in the soap, eds.) it is also systematically smaller. Currently my character is in a nursing home, and there is now not so much, eh.”

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