Superdry-founder donates 1 million for a new referendum to Brexit

LONDON – multi-millionaire Julian Dunkerton, co-founder of the fashion brand Superdry, has 1 million pounds (more than 1.1 million euro) given to a group that campaigns for a new referendum on the Brexit. Before the action group People’s Vote to such a large contribution received, reported the BBC.

The money is intended for the holding of polls about Brexit and the support for a new referendum. According to Dunkerton he had with his business internationally much less on the road, as a carpenter if the Brexit “twenty years ago, had taken place.”

A majority of the Brits voted in June 2016 in a referendum for a departure from the European Union. That step must be on the 29th of march next year.

People’s Vote wants a new referendum is if there is a final agreement between the EU and the Uk about the Brexit. The conservative government of prime minister Theresa May feels nothing.

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