Pukkelpop start in 2019, only on Thursday

Pukkelpop start in 2019, only on Thursday

Pukkelpop 2018 will make history as a carefree and flawless edition, with plenty of surprises on the different stages, the classic interlude of the Marquee Overture and the phenomenal passage of Mauro & The Kempenzonen for example, but also the redesigned layout and decoration spoke to the surprise.

Each corner and side of Pukkelpop was eagerly explored by the Pukkelpoppers. The perfect picture, they could make during golden hour on the ferris wheel, there was art for everyone thanks to #PKP18ART, for a delicious indigestion, you could in Food, Wood and Cookpit rightly, there were the Secret Sessions, the twisted construction site “Petit Bazar” and, of course, a strong line-up that has not disappointed. Unfortunately, it made that line up there for the festival this year was sold out.

The new edition starts already with a surprise of size. Instead of the traditional opening on Wednesday the festival in 2019 will start on Thursday, August 15 and ends on Sunday 18 August. Chokri Mahassine (festival organiser): “We are trying ourselves again and again to find out. Pukkelpop is a festival of experiment, on all planes, so why not? Moreover, it is Thursday, August 15 is a public holiday and you can have a wonderful extended weekend.”

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