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Pukkelpop 2019 on Thursday start

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Coming in 2018 is run smoothly, with here and there a surprise of size, to Willy Sommers still had to get out. Traditional is opens the festival its doors on Wednesday, and following the fireworks on Saturday, but that is next year otherwise.

“We try to be ourselves again and again to find out. Pukkelpop is a festival of experiment, on all planes, so why not? Moreover, it is Thursday, August 15 is a public holiday and you can have a wonderful extended weekend.” Says festival organiser Chokri Mahassine.

On the edition of this year Mahassine only positive to look back. Large problems remained, the new concepts were well received, and otherwise as in recent years, was the cleanliness and ecology this year was much more in the picture. The PET project, Waste Today Cup Tomorrow, was the big winner, according to: “The festival was also never as clean. I’m really sincerely happy and proud of the Pukkelpoppers. The call to massively cups and plastic bottles to sort has so much acclaim. More than 90% of the PET waste was perfectly sorted provided that the obligatory French fries with mayonnaise and a stray frikandel, of course.”

Some prominent figures as a valve

– At the Main Stage action by Dua Lipa were a 60 000 party-goers present

– 214 t-shirts of Willy Sommers went over the counter

– The afkolftent has its usefulness for future editions proven: 180 kolfbeurten, good for 27 litres of milk. Good for a lot of happy babies

– The Cookpit, with meals brought in by chefs-to-be, served a 1610 dishes to the gourmets on the whey

– At Bazart shouted a 25 000 uberfans the lyrics of ‘Gold’

And, of course, 7 carnations, 7 roses, and a bridal bouquet for Pukkelpop

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