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Protomartyr: Talking horses and bonsai trees were

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What would Joe Casey in his free time? The Dow Jones check? Bonsai trees were trimming?

The vocalist of Protomartyr, a postpunkcombo from Detroit, the bankrupt declared to the city that was previously the unshaven guitars MC5, Iggy and Jack White from its crooked streets depicts, looks like a bank clerk. But one that after hours a little too often his suit is going to tarnish in the pub around the corner. The Matt Berninger of the punk, you might say.

Just as the singer of The National recited Casey texts, with a beer bottle in the hand instead of a glass of wine and a cigarette between the fingers. Sometimes anger spuwend, then again with a touch of lyricism in his gritty bellowing throat. But always so intensely that he has you as an invisible opponent with a schouderworp against the tatami bounce back.

Wry poetry

Casey also understands the art of the unbearable lightness of our existence and the failing world to unite in the often bitter poetry. As in ‘Half-sister’, in which he tells about a horse that is neergebliksemd, after which the unfortunate animal of the weeromstuit a language begin to babble. If it turns out that the only ‘people are bad’ can say, is it behind the barn finished.

And so shook Casey one after the other disturbing story from his stained blazer. Only were his words in The Elevator often unintelligible entwined in concrete lines as the mokers on your schedelpan inbeukten and guitars that on your body would scrape as the teeth on asphalt. When he was in ‘Windsor hum’, about the snoeverige role of the US as the watchdog of the world, suddenly, a cynical ‘everything’s fine’ in your ear canal, catapulted, did you know that he was not about Janneke and Mieke sang.

Of so much oppression going on, eventually suffocate, and so clogged Casey, fortunately, beautiful melodies beneath the noise. Whew.

“I hope you had a wonderful day,” he said cheerfully before he and his three comrades, the dark night explored. Bet that he is in the backstage bonsai trees were is to be trimmed?

Protomartyr ****seen at Pukkelpop on 18 August

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