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Postcoïtaal dreams by Cigarettes After Sex

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While Kung Fu Kenny on the Main Stage, to the emperor of Pukkelpop crowned, if Cigarettes After Sex the Club cease to exist. The smoldering, sensual pop noir of Greg Gonzalez lent itself, of course, there excellent for. The audience closed the eyes, couples schurkten are a little closer together, here and there was geslowd.

Dancing between nostalgia and warmth he showed the timid American echoing in June graceful curl up in his sparsely coloured laatavondpop, until they are totally verdampten. ‘Crush’, one of those songs which Gonzalez outspoken about the beast with two backs, sings, was no more than an echoing Phil Spector-drumslag.

The almost motionless croonende Gonzalez veiled herself in a dark mist, the white spots priemden just enough through the black to get a glimpse of his face to catch. His voice was soft and androgynous, so intimate, I felt that it seemed as if he had invited between the still warm sheets of his in the dim light bathing the bedroom.

One dreamy melody rocked the other tug in sleep, in the distance neurieden Cowboy Junkies and Mazzy Star. Absolutely stunning enough, how he is tender confidences as ‘K.’ and ‘Affection’ cautiously through the tent showed trippelen. But Gonzalez still has not mastered how to for a festival audience’s attention span to the end can hold. The quite numerous folks started on time, so hard to gossip that the almost whispering singer still barely above came. Sin, because it gave a dent to his carefully constructed sadness.

While he ‘Keep on loving you ” by REO Speedwagon delivered from a lot of pathos, he shook the ingedommelde audience again, and then he put them on the deep-pile synthtapijt of ‘Dreaming of you’ the night focusing. ‘Voilà, you m’en retourne aux autres’, sang his heroine Françoise Hardy while everyone else is out shuffled. The night promised fresh dreams.

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