New Zealand minister to cycle to hospital for childbirth

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Julie Anne Genter, the New Zealand minister for Women who are 42 weeks pregnant, to the hospital ridden for her delivery.

‘Beautiful Sunday morning for a bike ride, ” wrote the politician of the Green Party on social media. ‘A trip to the hospital for the birth, to initiation. This is it, wish us luck!’

Genter was later clear that it is not a promotiestunt went, but a practical consideration. “My partner and I have been to the hospital cycled because there is not enough room in the car. But it was mainly downhill, you know.’ The politician also had to admit that they are using an electric bicycle.

Originally wanted the 38-year-old Genter home to give birth, and she had even a special bath ordered. But after 42 weeks there was still no movement in the case and the doctors determined that it was time for the birth.

The minister is in New Zealand known for her fietskiekjes on social media and for its fight against polluting means of transport.

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