New heavy earthquake Lombok

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LOMBOK – The Indonesian island of Lombok is Sunday evening again hit by a severe earthquake. That had a strength of 7.2, reported the American seismological institute USGS.

The quake was at a depth of 1 km. The epicenter was 124 km north-east of Lombok. There is no tsunamiwaarschuwing given.

“A total blackout”, says Dutchman Jeffrey van der Veer, who is in the place of Mataram on Lombok. “This was the biggest earthquake of them all. It continues to tremble. Everyone is afraid, the atmosphere is tense.”

The power fell out during the earthquake. “It is mainly for the children’s traumatic,” says Van der Veer, who, with his wife and three young children (aged 3, 5 and 11) on Lombok stay. “Luckily, it was everyone in the tent to sleep, we are safe.”

After the most powerful earthquake so far. “Everyone is afraid, the atmosphere is tense”.

Around noon (local time) the island was also shaken by two earthquakes. It began with an earthquake with a strength of 5.4, which was followed by an earthquake with a strength of 6.3.

Lombok, which is east of the holiday island of Bali, is since 29 July hit by a series of earthquakes and aftershocks. On 5 August arrived on the island more than 430 people are killed by an earthquake with a strength of 6.9.

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