New cd Ariana Grande

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Sweetener, the new cd by Ariana Grande, has been since Friday. Thereupon, includes the track Get Well Soon, about the attack in Manchester during one of her concerts. It fell to the 22 dead. In an interview with Beats 1 Radio Friday, tells the singer about the meaning of the number. “It’s about being there for each other and help each other in difficult and fearful times. ‘Get Well Soon’ is not only about what happened in Manchester did, but also about personal problems and fears,” says Ariana. “Psychological help is important, but we pay too little attention to because we have so much other things to do. We have busy lives with work, family, events, social media. Therefore, we have little attention to our own thoughts. The lyrics on the new album are perhaps a little cliché, but I mean it really.”

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