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Netflix test advertising between various episodes

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Streaming service Netflix is currently carrying out tests whereby subscribers between different episodes of a series, a commercial presented, reports TechCrunch. And that leads to dissatisfaction.

In the ad breaks, the subscribers to other series recommended to them, based on their viewing history, according to the logarithm of Netflix also may be of interest.

Netflix confirms to technologiewebsite TechCrunch that the tests currently run in a ” very small percentage of the subscribers’. It also stresses that the commercial breaks can be skipped. With a press of a button the bingewatchen therefore be continued.

However, saving the users that the ad breaks were, their criticism is not. On socialenetwerksite Twitter they are more ‘annoying’ and ‘stupid’.

In a comment, let Netflix know that every year hundreds of tests that are designed to make the user experience to improve. ‘The ad breaks serve to make our subscribers faster new content to discover in which they are interested.’

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