More than 350 dead after heavy flooding in India

‘Since 29 may, the day on which the monsoon rains started in Kerala, till now, a total of 357 people lost their lives, ” says the information service of the Indian state.

On social media begging people for help while they nekdiep in the water in their house. Others try to themselves and continue to move on everything floats. People fled to temples and mosques but also those who are threatened. India estimates that 211.000 people displaced.

Landslides and floods

The tourist area in the south of India, which is known for its beaches and hills full of herbs and tea, since the end of may with heavy rainfall. That led to landslides and floods.

The floods have air, train and road traffic at several places disturbed. Tourist destinations such as Munnar and Ponmudi, ash unreachable.

Disaster could be avoided

It was from 1924 ago that Kerala is still such a disaster experienced. But this year is so bad, due mainly to human factors. The disaster had could have been avoided if the government had intervened.

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