Million people displaced in Kerala

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DELHI – The worst floods in a hundred years to continue the South Indian state of Kerala plague. Between 800.000 and 1 million people are now displaced and housed in emergency shelter, reports the minister of Agriculture of Kerala Sunil Kumar. The death toll has risen to over 350.

More than 100,000 people by the water’s cut off. According to the minister, try to the government via the air, drinking water, food and medicines to them.

With the slowly diminishing rainfall, it is now a matter for the survivors and the situation under control. Tens of thousands are still waiting on rooftops for help. In the region, which is also popular with tourists, are more than forty rivers out of their banks came into force, eighty dams broken, and many bridges collapsed. In many places there are no telephone lines and no more electricity and there is a risk of epidemics. The contact with remote areas was difficult, reported the crisis team.

Since August 8, fight the natives of Kerala against the water masses. They are accustomed to heavy rainfall during the monsoonal season, but this year they are unusually heavy.

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