Merkel and Putin have intense tête-à-tête about Syria and Ukraine

e214307dcd56ca9550a24b01bc691270 - Merkel and Putin have intense tête-à-tête about Syria and Ukraine

The German chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian president Vladimir Putin more than three hours and talked about possible solutions for the crises in Syria and Ukraine.

After the meeting in the castle Meseberg near Berlin turned Putin Saturday night still back to Russia. About the content of the discussions was not disclosed. According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov were the conversations or ‘serious and detailed’.

For the beginning of the meeting Merkel still pointed to the responsibility of Germany and Russia for solutions of crises. They also said it is willing, with Putin working on it. At the same time warned them for a humanitarian disaster in Syria. There are a grondwetshervorming and elections are necessary.

The Russian leader had Europe then called again for help in the reconstruction of Syria. The infrastructure should be restored, so that refugees from abroad return, not only from Europe but also from neighbouring countries Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Russia is an ally of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Nord Stream 2

Both of them also deplored that the Minsk agreement for the crisis in Ukraine is not implemented, according to Peskov, after the meeting. For the call had Merkel asked Putin to want to talk about, among other things, the possible deployment of UN peacekeepers to oversee a ceasefire. Germany wants to work with France to further act as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine. Putin pressed for the meeting with the hope that such a UN mission, the peace in Ukraine can recover.

In addition, the two also about the controversial gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, between Russia and Germany. According to the Kremlin, they had, among other things, about the possible sanctions against companies that participate in the project. They want the project to protect for outside interference, according to Peskov. There was also the purely commercial character of the project is stressed. Putin would not have ruled out that the transit of gas through Ukraine will be continued, once the pipeline is completed.

Merkel will travel next week to the former soviet republics of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Especially in that last country runs the visit around an alternative pipeline to Europe, to the dependence of Russian gas to limit.

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