London gets a sigh of relief: crazy hamerzwaaier arrested

c2afcbd358cbb49eb173b053bc7b6d4f - London gets a sigh of relief: crazy hamerzwaaier arrested

London – South London gets a sigh of relief now that Joe Xuereb, the mentally disturbed man that Sunday afternoon two women with a hammer toetakelde is picked up.

The mentally disturbed Joe Xuereb takelde two women to be life-threatening with a hammer.

The police made the arrest via Twitter known.

According to various sources could Xuereb will be held after a tip from a witness. A woman had seen where the 27-year-old man ceased, and immediately the police are called in. That arrested the defendant in the district of Sidcup.

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Mother and daughter in critical condition after assault with hammer

Xuereb made Sunday afternoon a wave of horror as he at noon-day, two him totally unknown women, a mother (64) and her daughter (30), on the road with a hammer attacked. Thereby he struck the women, according to a witness to ’the half face off’.

The seriously injured women are in critical condition in a hospital and fighting for their life.

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