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Kendrick Lamar, the king without confetti

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‘Pulitzer Kenny, stood behind the backs of Kendrick Lamar, read up on a podiumbrede video wall. The rapper is now so respected that he even prices takes that is normally only for classical musicians to play. Could Pukkelpop equally packing any great effort.

That basis, he initially also not: Lamar opened with the Blaxploitation-parodiefilmpjes that are also Sting-passage of the February doorspekten. They are Kung Fu-the alter ego on a spiritual quest to the mysterious force of ‘The Glow’ – spoiler: he finds that ultimately, between the legs of a woman. But all the other high concept elements from Antwerp were at Pukkelpop bright diked. The films remained limited, there bengelden no dancers of a ribbon to the ceiling, and Lamar took not symbolically place in a cage of light. No, Pukkelpop was just K. Dot, in a T-shirt from Oasis’ ‘Supersonic’, with the best bars of the decade.

There, he seemed even more focused on than in Antwerp during the intense ‘XXX’, he remained as still as a statue, the only way to aggressive rap strongholds. Also the basic straatfilosofie of ‘Money trees’, (‘Everybody gon’ respect the shooter/ but the one in front of the gun lives forever’) had the virtue of, as well as the tender ‘Love’. Therein turns out that even if Lamar of each line the last word let fall the darn.still.always.rhymes.

‘All eyez on me”

The audience had a bit more difficult to have that rhythm to follow. The ‘first test’ that Lamar them on ‘Swimming pools’endured them with gloss, but for the more complex chorus of ” Backseat freestyle’ touched the ground for the Main Stage slightly get a bit lost. All lasted not long: when King Kendrick with Travis Scott’s ‘Goosebumps’ twenty circle pits at the same time, triggered, were also we, um, goosebumps. It a shame that Scott lastminute his cat sent to Pukkelpop.

However, the party in Kiewit: Kendrick Lamars live band. Who were this time not behind a screen hiding – she thanked with a fat guitar riff in ‘DNA’ and tasty drums with ‘Backseat freestyle’. But the video wall, Lamar, close to the skin was, let there be no doubt: it was ‘all eyez on me’ for the successor of Tupac Shakur.

‘Only one real n*gga here’

With a deadly calm, hypergefocuste show proved to Kendrick Lamar that you no confetti, no fireworks and no endless gezanik about how many moshpits you want to see the need for everybody to send. Just class the quantity finessen is already enough. Where other rappers are wild, jumping on the chest would save a song like ‘Big shot’, held at Lamar, his movements small and calculated to be: when he is ‘only one real n*gga here’ rapte, one modest finger in the air. And to be honest: even that was not needed.

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