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Jungle: Try to surpass Kendrick

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Jungle is a polished soulgroep on record, but live a ruthless groovemachine that no one still left standing.

There was an atmosphere of expectation in the Castello for Jungle. The London soulcollectief has an excellent live reputation, and there is still a bit of an air of mystery around, though the time is past that the group in the semi-darkness occurred, the names of the members not on record covers and put less than social media did. Jungle is the music on the first, second and third place: crew-cut grooves, handcrafted sounds (the wind that they from their keyboards to conjure, sounds almost more original than the real thing). And they look so good in their bright monochrome podiumkleren, for the wall with moving discolampjes and their very stylish logo, and the biggest drum and percussiestel that we are ever outside of a studio saw.

100% Live

Because live, there are no usb sticks to see. Founders Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland are behind their keyboards to dance, often with a guitar around their necks, and blazers during the ‘Julia’, who played McFarland really live, we stood there with our noses on. The double drums in ‘The heat’ were not doubled with a loop pedal. If that had been possible, because there were a few pretty complex rhythms to hear. Jungle flavor: the new single ‘Happy man’ run the synths the song on foot covers to a climax, in ‘Lemonade lake’ was the beat so to hear built out of samples of steel drums, but a goose bumps-organ ensured that it has not silted up in a carnavalvibe. Incidentally, sang to Tom and Josh the whole concert in their well-known falsetten, but only in this number feared that it would burst from the effort.

The bar is set high

In the tent were older discokikkers next elektrofans in addition to young teenagers, all excited to dance: Jungle exuded positivity without a single sermon, or even a message. ‘Who will to Kendrick Lamar? ” asked Lloyd-Watson. There followed a deafening roar, that he weglachte: ‘That is not enough! Who will to Kendrick Lamar?’ We expected them in fact all seven in the front at Lamar, so right away, as one united front.

Once they left the pace bags, in ‘Drops’, that is intimate began with muted horns, but that was to breath and allow for the slotsalvo of ‘Busy earning’ and ‘Time’. With the wide, smiling audience, and drove a huge vapour cloud to the tent to go outside. In the artiestendorp eat Kendrick Lamar better yet a slice of bread more: the bar is set high.

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