Italian government threatens to migrants sending back to Libya

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If other European countries are not migrants accept that the sea to be stuck on vessels of the Italian coast guard, they will be returned to Libya. That has the Italian minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini on Sunday said.

The ship Diciotti of the Italian coast guard is already for days, blocked off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa. On board there are 177 migrants. No one wants the migrants, which Malta and Italy were rescued, disembarkation. That the government of Malta Sunday, stated that the boat best docks in the port of Lampedusa, put bad blood in Italy.

“Or decided Europe to Italy really concrete to help, for example, starting with the immigrants on the ship Diciotti, or we will be forced to do what the business of the people smugglers will forever shut down,” says Salvini. “That means: the people who are found at sea, back escort to a Libyan port.’

The European Union and the United Nations have repeatedly said that the return of migrants to Libya is in contravention with international law. The migrants risk there is, after all, tortured and abused.

Human rights

Italy was in 2012, already condemned by the European Court of human Rights because of the expulsion of the Mediterranean Sea rescued Africans to Libya. With the repatriation, Italy that expose people to the risk of inhuman treatment, was in the judgment.

At the end of July, the UN is still an investigation after an Italian tug 108 migrants had returned to Libya.

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