Israel closes border crossing with Gaza

13cf7589ee26b5b2a2fa0c600c462400 - Israel closes border crossing with Gaza

EREZ – Israel has Sunday to the border with the Gaza strip at the city of Erez closed after the violent clashes on Friday between Palestinians and Israeli troops. The border crossing in the north of the Gaza strip is still open for humanitarian assistance, journalists and aid workers, informed the Israeli institution for activities in the Palestinian territories (Cogat).

According to Palestinian sources on Friday two people were shot dead by the Israeli army. Certainly 270 others were injured. According to the Israeli army came thousands of Palestinians to the fence at the border and threw firebombs and explosives to the military.

Only a few days ago, reported Israeli media that Friday was a test for an agreement on peace between Israel and the radical islamic Hamasbeweging. Both parties negotiate about it with the help of Egypt.

Since the end of march to protest the Palestinians every Friday at the border. They demand an end to the blockade of Gaza and the right to return to their former homeland or that of their parents and grandparents. Their villages or towns are now part of Israeli territory. The Palestinians, referring to the flight and displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in the creation of the Israeli state in 1948.

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