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Is that Willy Sommers at the top of Pukkelpop?

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Correct. The charmezanger picked up not only the tent, but also our recensente. Which artists blew our reporters are still of their socks? An overview.


Oscar & The Wolf

The wolf doesn’t bite, he seduces

Oscar and the Wolf had to skeptics to prove that they are the biggest venues to handle and that they have their hits not tired of hearing. Just up the alley of Max now its possible to go, as it turned out.

“There is a wolf spotted in Limburg’, began Luc Jansen and the public that the joke saw coming whimpered a bit,” this is horny, he glittert and is called Oscar.’. A leisurely Lux, old gabber: now its possible to go but, to his boots, chaps, and garter can be seen just back from a full day’s work in the fetisjwinkel, or the garnaalvisserij.

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Mauro and the Kempenzonen

Sultan Sommers prevails!

Usually we are careful with the adjective ‘unseen’, but in the case of this concert, we are ourselves still to the down to pens. Talk to us, but a Flemish singer is performing on Pukkelpop: that was – what, for us at least – yet still unseen.

And there were many more memorable moments. (It does here but not with those great adjectives!)

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Style icon in the making

‘Only good vibes in the air tonight’ by Coely. The 24-year-old rapper/singer took the Dance Hall her personal triumphal arch.

Coely Mbueno up more and more as a style icon to throw to the classy, oversized blazer which she will perform, will also be Oscar & The Wolf and Bazart envy looked. But with each performance, she seems like the other aspects of her show more to refine it: what rapte they sharp, what sang they lived, and what played them to the audience flawlessly.

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Try this but be outdone, Kendrick

Jungle is a polished soulgroep on record, but live a ruthless groovemachine that no one still left standing.

There was an atmosphere of expectation in the Castello for Jungle. The London soulcollectief has an excellent live reputation, and there is still a bit of an air of mystery around, though the time is past that the group in the semi-darkness occurred, the names of the members not on record covers and put less than social media did.

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In each song up to a higher gear

Just before Yungblud came up, we heard next to us, a Limburg an expert in the matter predict that this concert fixed ‘is false, and schlecht. (We guess that this expert from the Genk came.) His prediction did not come true. Next time a little deeper in your glass bulb look, monsieur Soleil.

We were very happy that Yungblud the Marquee upside down, because a lot of it was in the tents where we are today, passed not up and down jumped it, let alone danced and sweated. The portion of punk, well punk light, let us say – which Yungblud treated, by the public, with a greedy fullest to within geslokt. That eagerness escaped frontman Dominic Harrison, so he switched with each song even higher gear. There was no brake on the stuiterfunctie in the body of this boy.

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Sons of Kemet

God save Shabaka Hutchings

‘John Coltrane has sent the son!’ kirde Kurt Overbergh, the AB delighted just to sleep in The Elevator. That son came in the capacity of the London-based tenor saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, who in turn are Sons of Kemet to Kiewit had summoned.

Hutchings is just about the Kamasi Washington of the thriving jazz scene on the other side of the Channel. A catalyst to the genre with new wings does fly, but more than that Great Bear of the jazz, he is also an innovator. With by South Africa was sprinkling Ancestors dealt he in spiritual jazz, ‘The Comet Is Coming’ schurkt along the cosmic play of sounds of Sun Ra.

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War On Drugs

Longer lasting the longest

Eleven songs on one and a half hour played The War On Drugs. Most bands spend fifteen to seventeen at that time. We, who are of the generation Ramones, find best. Not every song need eight minutes to take.

But well, fifteen minutes after the start, Adam Granduciel had just the third song started, we were yet again filled with admiration, to listen to how beautiful that song, ‘An ocean between the waves’, unfolded. How crystal clear that layers of guitar and keyboards, two pieces of each, to differentiate. How complete we are back in the music were. And how, do not laugh, you always see vast plains is calling for our mind’s eye.

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Four football teams on the podium

What’s the coolest part of Europe?’, wanted Pharrell Williams know the Pukkelpoppubliek. ‘The free movement of persons!’, we wanted to call back. But the NERD frontman clearly had something else in mind.

‘Belgium’, we had, of course, answers. All twenty times he asked the question. Williams is, to say the least, a special front man. He worked the show off with a big grill in the mouth that, to him, what did lispelen – he was just babble about the ‘Belgian shpirit’ in the ‘shircle pit’. But for a caricature it was, did a short medley of choruses.

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Photos: Koen Bauters

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