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Imagine Dragons strews cruise ships of choruses

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You’d Imagine Dragons can accuse of a lack of originality, but you could just as easily say that they have a good ear for what works in arenas and on the meadow.

About Imagine Dragons the opinions to put it mildly, divided. The a find the leeghoofdige patserpop for bakvissen, the other will not get enough of their rousing choruses and uplifting messages. We were, for we to this concert was, still in the undecided camp.

Sensitive boy

Fair is fair: we were initially just sitting. ‘Radioactive’came as an opener with a little too much bombast at us – maybe first a warm-up, guys? Welneen, lady. Because that is now just as typical for Imagine Dragons: do they simply not of subtlety. If they still try, come soon hilarious.

Singer Dan Reynolds in the intro of ‘Demons’ of his inner Chris Martin bovenhaalde; that was meliger than a two-week-old golden delicious. Reynolds’ speech about his battle with depression and how therapy helped him to his mental problems, the boss, came back, however, is truly about. This singer from Las Vegas was clearly in front when confidence was handed out (he was dressed in nothing more than a kind of shorts), but behind that armor of onwankelbaarheid and muscular bare bark of him was a sensitive boy.


Gradually we started to thaw, because Reynolds’ message struck a clear purpose. The wei for the Main Stage was flooding for Imagine Dragons and the young nation was the bombastic hits that sounded like a collection of everything these days scores well on the radio, or flavors. You would the Dragons be able to accuse of a lack of originality – many of their grand ‘oowoow’-choruses had already been conceived by Coldplay, for example. But with a little good will you can also say that they have a good ear for music that works well in arenas and on festivalweides. A folky slant here, a tromroffel there, cruise ships of choruses everywhere.

All the way to were we when Thunder came by. For the lyrics, will that song never win a prize (‘banal’, according to a colleague who we will not blame them), but every time-ie in the radio passage, we will run the volume control, however, is completely open.

The set came rather abruptly to an end: after ‘Believer’ fell of the cloth about the show and that was that. And to say that we still have a second speech Than Reynolds had expected.

Imagine Dragons ***, seen at Pukkelpop on 18 August

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