‘Gay culture leads to abuse of children within the catholic church and must be stamped out’

cc7512ed9bb0a524760c733e15515881 - 'Gay culture leads to abuse of children within the catholic church and must be stamped out'

The American cardinal Raymond Burke claims that abuse by clergy is mainly due to homosexuality.

That said the cardinal in an interview with the president of the christian organization, Catholic Action for Faith and Family. That interview was conducted after it came to light that thousands of children for many years were abused and psychologically were mishandelddoor a three hundred priests in the U.s. state of Pennsylvania.

The new pedofilieschandaal is once again a heavy blow to the catholic church, Burke. That several bishops – even after warnings from Leuven – tried to put the scandal in the cover up, makes the thing not easier.

Gay culture

Nevertheless, the American cardinal that the catholic church is in need of a drastic reshuffling of the hierarchy or a strict body. All the problems lie, according to Burke, after all, about one thing: homosexuality. “There is no need for new procedures. All of these procedures are already contained in the precepts of the catholic church. Studies (the cardinal could not submit any studies, red.) it appears that almost all of the abuse, homosexual actions were, which were conducted in adolescent boys.’

“Just as with the priests, but even higher in the hierarchy has this gay culture is nestled. This culture, that homosexuality, is responsible for the abuse and must at the root be cut off. This tendency is, I think, fuelled by the fact that we the sexual act separate from the marriage. The sexual act has no meaning, unless it is done between a man and a woman who are connected in the real.’

Pope Francis

Burke considers, furthermore, that the pope Francis himself, that something about ‘these problems’ should do. The conservative cardinal had previously found that the progressive course of the pope to him, not the senses. So would contraception ‘all over the world forbidden’ and there is ‘only one gezinsvorm’ (with a man and a woman).

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