Finally baby after 3 miscarriages, 4 years of trying and 1616 prick’

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AMSTERDAM – It was an endless search that always led to disappointment, pain, despair, anger and death. But now, daughter, “London” out there.

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This photo with hypodermic needles is going viral, and it depicts the difficult journey, but also the beautiful happiness, the love, and the memory of London’s brothers and sisters.

Patricia and Kimberly O’neill wanted to depict how difficult the road to their newborn baby. They have a total of 1616 hypodermic needles used for ivf treatment. Three times had the set and miscarriage.

They decided on a particular photo, in which the baby in the middle of dozens of hypodermic needles. The image goes viral. So is the pain transformed into something wonderful: many social media users see the picture as a symbol for hope.


Photographer Samantha Packer was stunned when she was young, and now dolgelukkige parents met. “They were asked whether they are needles allowed to take,” she says against the NIS. “But the set came with two boxes full of hypodermic needles turning!”

Four years tried the parents to have a child via ivf. The miscarriages took in it, but the parents-to-be gifts. Three weeks ago saw daughter London was born. The rainbow colours on the photo are a tribute to her deceased brothers and sisters.


Users will recognize the story of Patricia. “I get yourself eight vaccinations per day. We also plan to preserve them”, someone writes. “This picture shows so much beauty and strength.”

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