Femen damage the flower carpet in Brussels

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BRUSSELS – Two activists from the feminist taking notes of Femen in Brussels a carpet of flowers damaged. They did that during a protest against the imprisonment of a migrantengezin in a closed centre. A Serbian mother is sitting there with her four children in anticipation of their deportation to Serbia.

Every two years change the Grote Markt in Brussels, in a sea of flowers. This year chose two members of Femen, the location for a demonstration.

The two topless women from the protest group climbed on the flower carpet on the Grote Markt square with a banner. It was that the detention of children is a scandal. Also texts on their bodies made the women clear that they do not agree with the imprisonment of the Serbian family, according to the Flemish channel VTM.

The women of Femen are held. After questioning they are released.

Femen was founded in 2008 in Kiev. The group holds protests – mostly topless against sex tourism, homophobia and religious institutions.

The laying of a flower is a biennial tradition in Brussels.

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