England wins fireworks Scheveningen

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SCHEVENINGEN – During the International fireworks festival in Scheveningen has England at the landenstrijd the title ” most beautiful display of fireworks’ achieved. Eight countries were competing with each other entered into at the 39th edition of the event.

The fireworks of winner England.

The netherlands, Belgium and Germany, left Friday to see what they spectacle had thought. Saturday night trading China, Japan, and Spain. “Newcomer England picked up this edition from with original elements that were not previously in Scheveningen, had the strongest build-up and a very good variety,” said Bjorn van Dijl, chairman of the International fireworks festival Scheveningen. Last year was the landentitel to Spain.

The arrows were fired from a floating pontoon that is about 275 metres from the Pier and the beach, at the height of the Kurhaus. The shows were from the whole of the boulevard and the beach.

The festival was spread over two weekends held. By the wind, was the show last Friday was cancelled. Last week Saturday were the fireworks shows of Austria and England. According to the organization, visited an estimated total of 300,000 people to the shows.

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