’Chinese people robbed more Uk ships’

ead2543f9fef8c9b902afec94afd9f85 - ’Chinese people robbed more Uk ships’

LONDON – Britain fears that a further four sunken British ships are damaged or destroyed by looters. According to The Mail or Sunday have the Chinese not six, but ten oorlogswrakken sold as scrap.

Looters keep the last few years home in the waters around Indonesia and Malaysia. There was during the Second world War there was heavy fighting between the Japanese and the British, Americans and Dutch. Many naval vessels were totally wrecked. The shipwrecks are therefore zeemansgraven, but looters mountains the sunken ships to sell them as old iron.

Also three Dutch shipwrecks gone that way. Divers discovered a few years ago that the wrecks had been taken away. The wrecks are believed to indonesia Brondong. The Telegraph spoke to people who are on the demolition in Brondong have worked and remains of crew found.

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After months of consultation at the high level decided the Netherlands and Indonesia to the places where the disappeared wrecks layers, to call out to herdenkplaatsen. Also will be at least 110 other sunken Dutch ships in the seas around Indonesia are protected.

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Also the British had already concluded that there is decaying naval vessels were plundered. The fear is that with another four warships had happened, writing, media from that country. According to The Daily Mail, there ’Chinese schrootpiraten’ behind the violation of the zeemansgraven.

Defense minister Gavin Willamson expressed his concerns about the messages that the graves of hundreds of fallen crew would have been destroyed. “We are working closely with the Indonesian and Malaysian authorities to see whether the claims are correct.”

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