Brings fortune cookie luck in Millionaire?

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For the 31-year-old Soetkin from Kallo seem to be the stars conveniently if they on Monday, August 20, take a seat in the chair of a Millionaire. “I just, for the recording of a fortune cookie eaten,” she says to Staf Coppens. “It had the message ‘Fame, wealth and love are on your way’.” Can it still go wrong for Soetkin or stroking they will soon be the million?

“I have a great destiny already won with my wife”, says the 40-year-old Steven from Oostrozebeke. “But a million will come in handy, because there is a lot of maintenance.” Staf Coppens is given in week 4 of a Millionaire o.a. also a diamantboorder from Ranst, a spoedarts in training from Hasselt and a firefighter-ambulancier from Werchter on the chair. Is there someone with the big pot to get?

Episode 13 on Monday 20 August 2018
Benny Gys – 56-year – Grobbendonk – sales engineer
Kevin De Clercq – 30-year – Binkom – office manager
Steven Minjauw – 40 years – Oostrozebeke – aankoopverantwoordelijke
Céline take part – 20 years of Hills – student
Sven Van Londersele – 21 – Groot-Bijgaarden – student
Soetkin De Wispelaere – 31-year – Kallo – team coach

Episode 14 on Tuesday 21 August 2018
Jacky Somers – 40 years – Ranst – diamantboorder
Melvin Wilson – 27 years – Hasselt – spoedarts in training
Jordy Luckermans – a 22-year – Lier – student
Bert Surmont – a 52-year – Aalst – military
Els De Wael – 33-year – Dendermonde – communication officer
Fabienne Franssens – 38-year – Sint-Baafs-Vijve – operated

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