Athens is willing to take back asylum seekers from Germany

a1aeceb847b7e7b3cffb5378bc45ee99 - Athens is willing to take back asylum seekers from Germany

The German government allowed asylum seekers who are already in Greece were recorded but doorreisden to Germany, at the border to return to Greece. That the two countries agreed, was a spokeswoman for the German ministry of the Interior known.

Ten days ago closed Germany already has a similar agreement with Spain. According to the spokeswoman, there are far-reaching negotiations with Italy and with Rome, such an agreement is in the making.

With which bilateral agreements spends chancellor Angela Merkel the endless government crisis that her Bavarian CSU minister of Home Affairs, Horst Seehofer, unleashed. Who was involved threatened migrants who travel to Germany, to send back without their asylum application to studies – such as European law in such cases prescribes. That was the risk that Austria’s new border controls would introduce.

Figures show that Seehofer high game played for a rather small problem: the last two months it went to 150 persons. Mid-October, there are elections in Bavaria, and the CSU is trying her majority to maintain.

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