Army of Brazil to the border town after migrantenrel

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BRASILIA – The Brazilian government sends troops to the border town of Pacaraima, because Saturday clashes were between Brazilian residents and migrants from Venezuela. The army reported that approximately 1,200 Venezuelans after the riots terugvluchtten to their own country, according to the news agency Agencia Brasil.

The riots broke out after some of the Venezuelans a Brazilian retailer, we would have been robbed and assaulted. A part of the inhabitants of Pacaraima then went on to the camps in which the Venezuelan migrants lived. The Brazilians targeted destruction, and also created fire. According to the authorities fell by the vengeance no injuries.

Pacairama, in the northern province of Roraima, lies on the border with Venezuela, and on an important route that Venezuelans choose to to the deep crisis in their own country to escape. In the first half of this year have been sixteen thousand Venezuelans a residence permit applied for in Roraima.

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