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“Alonso made the right choice to F1 to exit”

cefd7cfddf7f252a397f23c6fd8da7ac - “Alonso made the right choice to F1 to exit”

According to former McLaren F1 pilot Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso done a good job with his decision at the end of this year the Formula 1 to say farewell.

After his move from Ferrari to McLaren kept Fernando Alonso for many years the appearances by stating that his choice to Ferrari to leave was the right one. The Spaniard became increasingly frustrated that his McLaren is not even close to a possible spot on the podium came, let alone victories or a world title.

After four seasons with McLaren, of which three are with the Honda engine, keep Alonso, however, is for viewed. According to former team-mate Jenson Button is the choice of Alonso, however the only right.

“I said to him that he finally has made the right decision. He woke up and smelled the coffee as we say,” said Jenson Button this weekend in Silverstone, where the next round of the WEC was held.

“It is always an individual choice to use the Formula 1 to be abandoned. He has done the same as what I decided to do, to say goodbye, but the door ajar to possibly a year later to return.”

“I think this is the right choice. When McLaren fast and again races wins, then he will return to the Formula 1,” concluded Button.

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