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Yungblud: every song up to a higher gear

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Just before Yungblud came up, we heard next to us, a Limburg an expert in the matter predict that this concert fixed ‘is false, and schlecht. (We guess that this expert from the Genk came.) His prediction did not come true. Next time a little deeper in your glass bulb look, monsieur Soleil.

We were very happy that Yungblud the Marquee upside down, because a lot of it was in the tents where we are today, passed not up and down jumped it, let alone danced and sweated. The portion of punk, well punk light, let us say – which Yungblud treated, by the public, with a greedy fullest to within geslokt. That eagerness escaped frontman Dominic Harrison, so he switched with each song even higher gear. There was no brake on the stuiterfunctie in the body of this boy.

Intersection of Urban and Where-is-Wally

But with the stage bounce you make, of course, still no show. Had Yungblud his hits brought. The pleasant ska of ” I love you, will you marry me’, he threw up almost immediately the tent in, and still touch also. That is, do not jump was from that moment on, is no longer an option. ‘Psychotic ‘ kids’ was the meebrulsong of service and Polygraph eyes’ was a sea of hartjeshanden count.
For the irresistibly catchy ‘Medication’ played Yungblud although it borrowed in M. I. A.’s ‘Paper planes’, in ‘Tin pan boy was a hey-yo-roepje that nicked was The Ramones and the ghosts of Mike Skinner and the Sex Pistols (the song title ‘Anarchist’ speaks for itself), values are still somewhere around. Just to say that: one hundred percent original sounded not always.

Harrison’s energetic act made a lot of good. Its silliness, also: in his striped shirt and high raised pants and socks, he seemed a cross of Urban and Where-is-Wally.

For an artist of only twenty-one with only one album on the counter, this was an incredibly riveting concert.

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