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Wwwater: Not evident in a festivaltent

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‘Has it been done already?!’ called Charlotte Adigéry to 22u35 surprised. Wwwater had one more song to go, but in the backstage, gesturing for someone that her time really was.

Adigéry saw himself obliged to her set quick-quick to finish. Thick against her, that much was clear. Oh well, even without that last song had the Ghent indication of the brothers Dewaele of Soulwax already show what she had in the house.

Wwwater brought a flying carpet of innovative electronics, above which the voice of Adigéry on rarefied altitude hovering. That height, you should besides be taken literally: at times, we heard sounds that have more in common with the coloraturen of the Queen of the Night than with the verses of the average pop song. Because if Wwwater something not was, average.

You felt good that the spirit of the elektronicawizards of Soulwax in the work of Wwwater is present. Adigéry dared to take risks. For example, by her show to kick it with ‘Presence’, that began with a kind of slam-poetry-parlando that in order to create a peaceful atmosphere early. Not evident in a festivaltent, and therefore quite a tough choice. Assisted by her musicians built Adigéry her set according to a logical pattern. Beats were first threatening, then comforting and towards the end becoming more playful. Knoppenkunstenaar Boris Zeebroek fooled around with synths and provided the tracks of a solid, danceable foundation.

Adigéry had a little too uncomfortable dress attracted her freedom of movement which seemed to hinder, but after a few songs she put that on and she danced around – and then the expectant audience, but then also tacks went. The skeptics that during the first five minutes of this concert afdropen, had, in other words, wrong. It was indeed a party, and if the Wwwater had been it was now even to think of.

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