Who is next week the best switcher?

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Also this week, five new candidates and plenty of switching back and forth under the watchful eye of quizmaster Adriaan Van den Hoof. Every day there 1000 euro to earn. In this sixth week will receive Adriaan Van den Hoof Carine, the diepvriesverantwoordelijke of Colruyt in Sint-Niklaas; Britt, teacher, history – French, from Knokke; Dominique, the marketeer at uitgeverij Van In, Merksem; Francis, a teacher in the Zeepreventorium from Assebroek and Michael, the kwaliteitsingenieur at Copro from Liedekere.

Also, in this penultimate week of Switch act again five topkandidaten. Every day they battle for the coveted top prize. Who of the five has the most prize money-appropriated, you will see every evening at 20.45 hours on One.

Carine Meuleman (Sint-Niklaas)
Carine Meuleman (52) lives in Sint-Niklaas and works as diepvriesverantwoordelijke in the Colruyt. She has two daughters and three pluskinderen. In order for them to be pampered, they like to spend hours in the kitchen. To do this, followed it for a long time class. Carine is going to be happy and often go to concerts, is a cheerful spraakwaterval and is always entertained.

Britt Schouppe (Knokke-Heist)
Britt Schouppe (31) studied political and social sciences and currently works as a teacher of English and history. She is married to Bert and has one son. Britt moved for the love of the outskirts of Brussels to Knokke-Heist. Her free time, fill them ideally with yoga, sewing, and shopping. The European royal houses to know for Britt no secrets.

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