Unrest over Google’s plans in China

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Google is unrest arose over plans for a censored search engine for the Chinese market.

After a long list of guidelines, rules and regulations, “reads the very last sentence in the code of conduct of Google:” Remember this: don’t be malicious, and if you see something which you think is not correct, let me know!’ Hundreds of employees of the internetgigant have council taken to heart. They have an internal petition signed in which they more clarity to questions about the plans of the company to a Chinese version of the search engine to launch, reportedly with built-in censorship. The plans, which are codenamed ‘project Dragonfly’ got licked a couple of weeks ago.

The existence of the internal petition was on Thursday revealed by the New York Times. So to 1,400 Google employees have already signed. According to the authors of the petition there should be more information, and to a ethical considerations by individual employees. Earlier protested the staff for the same reason, all against the involvement of Google in a project around artificial intelligence from the Pentagon, from which the company has indeed receded.

Google retired eight years ago from China back, because it is his high ethical standard (“don’t be evil’) could not reconcile with the censuurregels that the government imposes. Now it would be Google working on a search engine that adapted to the Chinese market by some of the search terms and websites to block. “There’s an urgent need for more transparency,” claims the petition, ‘and the promise of transparent and open processes. Workers need to know that they work.


That explanation came promptly. Google’s ceo Sundar Pichai emphasized during the weekly meeting with a personeelsdelegatie that the project of the return to China is still very embryonic, and it is far from certain that the that far. “We have the possibilities to explore, and there are a lot of opportunities”, cites a report of the meeting. “As soon as clearer is exactly what we are going to do, there will certainly be more transparency.’ That could not, said Pichai, because then problems can arise.

According to ex-employees for Google in China have worked, would the management consider that a censored Google search engine for the Chinese people is preferable to none at all Google search engine. That was also the reasoning when Google, in 2006, there became active. “Our corporate mission is the world of information,” Pichai during the meeting have said. ‘A fifth of the world’s population lives in China, so if we mission want to achieve, we should think about how we can do more work in China.

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