Uncle Jef for the third time in the theater

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The legendary comic television series “Uncle Jeff” came already two times to life on the theaterplanken with Ivo Pauwels in the lead role of this wonderful triumph. All good things come in three… great news for the fans of Uncle Jef, Theatertainment brings the great news that there is a third theatre show in the making. This is premiered on 20 september 2019. The cast and title to be in the coming season, but of course will Ivo Pauwels again the leading role. Those who do not want to miss, can already buy tickets for this third show in the theatre about the adventures of the Most famous belgian crofter. Come and watch in Theater Elckerlyc is the message!

As of september 20, 2019 shines Ivo Pauwels for the third time on the boards in a theatrical performance about Uncle Jef, Flanders ‘ best-known crofter from the kempen. He will be three weekends. There follows a tour through Flanders. There are already tickets available for the candidates.

Who remembers the successful Flemish sitcom “Uncle Jeff” in the second half of the 90s on our television screen to see who was on? The comedy series about a farmer in retirement, “Uncle Jeff” was a real crowd pleaser and there were more than 175 episodes of made. Of Flemish cult spoken… In 2016 was “Uncle Jef” one of the most successful second life in the Theater Elckerlyc, and then on tour throughout Flanders. After “Uncle Jef is sitting in the rumbling” , there was “Uncle Jef & the lost son”, also this was a shot in the rose with a big tour through Flanders.

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