Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 33

311658a13946acdd2f67ac7e8063ee31 - Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 33

This week there are three singles not more that have not long listed. Less than two weeks, was “Oe ie oe ah ah” of The Stoempers in the charts. Mathis Weerbal loved the “Moscow”, less than three weeks. Also “Wonder” by Sasha & Davy, there is not more in barely four weeks.

This means that we three newcomers encounter. At 46 is that Ida de Nijs with “Hourglass (Marty’s Song)”. 35 is for “Pile on you” from Christoff. The highest ranked state this week will be very very high.

From 6 to 10 toggles Dana Winner with “When you sing”. Amaryllis Temmerman is still “Full of beautiful dreams”, but loses two seats and lands on 9. “Soleil soleil” by Gene Thomas has already seen better times. From 5 to 8 for him. From 8 to 7 is going to “Doubt not, and dance with me” by Bart Peeters. Celien is doing well. “Rhythm in me” climbs from 9 to 6. “I live for you” from David Vandyck ends up from 3 to 5. Slongs feat. Jack Parow continues with “The sun” stand on 4. From nothing instantly on 3, the few are given. Bazart makes it where with “Grip (Embrace me)”. “Zoutelande” Blof feat. Geike Arnaert remains firmly parked on 2. That means that Niels Destadsbader again at number 1 with “Conquer me”!

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