Trump decries ‘censorship’ on conservative votes on social media

6e7c5535bc04f531f94bf7525fde8f2a - Trump decries ‘censorship’ on conservative votes on social media

The American president Donald Trump has Saturday out at the suspension of American personalities from the right side on the social networks. Social media discriminate against all Republican/conservative votes, ” says Trump, in a series of tweets. Therein he mentions the behaviour of two televisieketens also ‘sick’.

The president was referring to in his tweets directly to complotdenker Alex Jones, against which the platforms Facebook and Spotify recently measures have been taken. Also Twitter limited for a week, the account of the far-right complotdenker.

Trump stated that his government will not allow that to happen, but gave no further clarification. ‘They will pick up the opinions of many people from the RIGHT, while at the same time nothing to do with others, ” says Trump. ‘Censorship is a very dangerous thing and it is absolutely impossible to monitor and to exercise.’

Then he got out again to the media. “If you Fake one to cut off, there is nothing as Fake as CNN and MSNBC, and yet I ask not that their sick behavior is removed. I do get used to it and see with a grain of salt, or just not…’

In a third message on Twitter said Trump even that many votes, “some good and some bad” the silence is imposed. “Let everyone participate, good and bad, and we will all just have to figure out’, says Trump.

Alex Jones is the founder of the website InfoWars, and a figurehead of the extreme right in the US. He was a famous by conspiracy theories about the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

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