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Tron and BitTorrent – what’s next?

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Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, announced the staff of his two companies, that they are going to work in the next few years to the creation of a fully democratic Internet. Insider the file-sharing scene, however, have significant concerns. In the case of the conversion of the Bittorrent network, one could very much go wrong. Also, Sun has referred to in his speech, no Details, as this is a completely decentralized Internet to because now look in more Detail.

In June, Justin Sun bought the company, which is since 2004 for the support and development of the BitTorrent network responsible. The Protocol was the beginning of the 2000s by Bittorrent Inc.-Co-founder Bram Cohen designed. Until today there is no owner to bring the use of the BitTorrent Protocol under their control. At times it consumes up to one-third of the total global data volume. In spite of the in many countries sent warnings to violators of the copyright law, this Form of file sharing today a very large role.

Tron’s CEO, Justin Sun, told his staff that he go to the purchase of BitTorrent to the more than 100 million active users worldwide. And also not to the incredible commercial opportunities that are associated with such a large Community. The BitTorrent Inc. it was always about the democratisation of the Internet. And one of the main goals of Tron is it, the Internet is to decentralise. Therefore, the two companies would fit so well with each other. He’ll use his whole life to work towards these goals. However, Sun also said that it will take until then for another 10 to 20 years. At the end of the path of the Internet should be free of any monopolists like Apple, Google or Amazon. The “Web 4.0” is designed to be completely decentralized and transparent.

BitTorrent: it Will give users of first-and second-class?

Sun has announced the end of July already, that you think about a compensation System for a Seeder (Uploader). These are the people, the availability and the speed of the P2P-optimize your Internet line files to any third parties upload, Transfers. But that would make the character of the Peer-to-Peer network on the head, because that is where financial aspects play no role. As the payment of the remuneration would be by means of a crypto-currency. As the operator of a own Blockchain plus crypto-currency, the implementation of which would be for Tron anything other than a Problem. Sun had announced in the past in the past, that all BitTorrent to users, part of the Tron – Ecosystem. It is questionable in this context, however, who should pay for the Seeder? The operator is this unlikely to want to do out of their own pocket, because all previous Attempts, the company is authorize to Monet, have failed. Neither the advertising that has been displayed in the Software, the Online Shop brought the hoped-for breakthrough.

Will pay it at the end of the Downloader, the wish for a higher speed. Then, however, the planned Web 4.0 would have nothing more to do with network neutrality or equality of all participants. Then there are regular users that receive their data slower. And it is a participant there with a thick wallet who can afford to buy the speed advantage. You would have to pay the Seeder in a crypto-currency, whose trail the police can follow, so this would be for the Creative economy a vision of the future could not be bleaker. For Hollywood and the record labels, this would be even more dramatic than the resurrection of Megaupload, Hotfile and RapidShare. Without an anonymous payment of this Remuneration would raise System, however, serious criminal and civil legal issues, finally, are distributed via P2P mostly black copies, and no legal content. The announcement raises a lot of questions to which the new operator to get a right answer must be found.

What is ahead: a break or a lot of hot air?

In Justin Suns speech are unfortunately very few details. How, exactly, the digital Revolution is to be completed to obtain the democratic “Web 4.0”, not Sun. He merely describes where we are. He intends that the protocols of Tron as well as BitTorrent. Also, if you want to develop a series of decentralised Apps, and new protocols for distributed Online storage services created. Due to the lack of Details, there is a lot of room for speculation and interpretations. The P2P Blog TorrentFreak concluded his remarks with the words,“ We’ll be in touch in 10 years with an Update“. There would not have been able to bring the contribution to an end.

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