Three dead in bus in Poland

442136e48d25a60552a4d26a5567061d - Three dead in bus in Poland

In an accident with a Ukrainian bus in the southeast of Poland in the night from Friday to Saturday, three people to the life to come. Eighteen others were injured, report the Polish fire brigade and the media.

The bus had Ukrainian tourists from the city of Lviv on board and drove towards the Austrian capital, Vienna. Around 23 hours was the bus at the height of Leszczawa Dolna from the bend in the road by the crash. The bus ended up in the high shoulder and rolled it several times about the head.

In the accident left three people life, said the spokesman of the local fire department in the Polish television. The Polish news agency PAP , adding that eight of the eighteen wounded there are.

According to the Polish media were at the right spot on the road between Sanok and Przemysl already several accidents.

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