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The Joy Formidable: ‘We are our USB-stick and forget!’

f97d420247fd3cd6c2e25793f02e83ad - The Joy Formidable: 'We are our USB-stick and forget!'

Looking desperately for regained relevance: The Joy Formidable. In a Marquee that just before uitpuilde for or calculated Willy Sommers was the Welsh rock band initially for a handful of interested people to play – even the horse head had forgotten to show up.

However, they had put in. It was kicked off with a hearty ‘The leopard and the lung’, in which bassist Rhydian Dafydd is vocal if let off steam. The rest of the show was the guitarist Ritzy Bryan that the lungs could be opened up – her dreamy voice gave the necessary flair to the melodic guitars.

After a messy version of ‘Little blimp’ and technical problems at ‘The greatest light’ – Bryan rammed so hard that her gitaarriem losschoot, and later mound they also have an amplifier and a microphone stand fell, Dafydd everyone with the feet on the ground. “We forgot our USB stick! This is what happens when you live music plays’. Peaceful before you start the jokes about the lack of ‘real’ liveacts on festivals, Rhydian: your keys came from a pre-programmed keyboard.

A set of old material

The last time the Welsh rock band on a big Belgian festival, it was Dour 2013. ‘So we’re just really happy to be here, ” said Bryan before they ‘Passerby’ consequently, a b-side from their latest album , Hitch. That relatively little pots broke, was also evident in the set that drew mainly from Wolf’s Law (2013) and The Big Roar (2011). Bit early to a retro-act to be, you would think. ‘I see you’re just a passerby/ you did it wrong, “she said in it. Much will depend on their next album, expected in the fall, or that the Welsh themselves stores.

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