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The best-selling vinyl on Pukkelpop: Kendrick Lamar

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After zaalconcerten is now hard prick: to the merchandisingstand more vinyl over-the-counter than cd’s. At Pukkelpop picks up record store, Music Media there is a piece of the action. But who is so crazy to with a cargo of black gold under the arm in the moshpit?

You can walk almost over, but next to the Elevator stage on the Pukkelpopweide, in the sight of the gigantic Main Stage, benefit from Music Mania a vinylshop. A small container offers an exquisite selection of popular vinyl albums from the Ghent record store. Autograph sessions with Pukkelpop artists to attract, but if snuisterplek between performances is the shop also an attraction.

The best-selling artist of the weekend should not come as a surprise, as many on this Pukkelpop edition is the all Kendrick Lamar what the clock strikes. ‘We have all the titles together, yet all of a piece, or forty albums sold, ” says Karel Van audenaerde was appointed Music Mania. ‘Hip-hop is doing here anyway remarkably well, but Lamar puts it head and shoulders above it. On two Cigarettes after Sex, but that will be a book signing to do, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if there is still a catching-up process follows. And on three of the artists that are Coming to play, the jazzcollectief Sons of Kemet. It shows that the vinylverkoop here is very wide – we notice that in the store also. It is not exceptional for someone in a metalplaat and a hiphopalbum buy.’

Shine to Pink Floyd

But the vinylshop has not only Pukkelpopartiesten in stock. Between Imagine Dragons and Amenra there are still The Doors, and we see two young girls admiringly to a deluxe version of Pink Floyds Another brick in the wall look. “We have a couple of Rolling Stones records sold,” says Music Mania employee Siel The Block. “But more current artists to sell noticeably better. Of Soulwax’ latest Essential went there already a twenty out the door. Sigur Rós will also do remarkably well, and Arctic Monkeys are two: which are inevitable.’

One of the people who are on the new Arctic Monkeys ventured is Stijn De Ceuster (21, Noorderwijk). He leaves the shop with Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino and Warhaus under the arm. “That last I’ve here Wednesday seen, and who were simply very very good. And Arctic Monkeys is my favorite band: I’m just not in a record store passed since that from is.’

Which two albums to buy, they can be by Music Mania free home delivery, but De Ceuster taking its new toys right away the whey. ‘Or that is useful, is the question – it would be a shame if they get damaged, hey. But maybe I will get to the campsite.”

Mustard from the Netherlands

Nichefestivals as Blues Peer or Dranouter with more extensive platencollecties to their snuistergrage public. But that a large youth festival like Pukkelpop they dare, is a first. “They have us wait for a week or three ago and asked to stand in to focus,’ says Van audenaerde was appointed Music Mania. “It fits naturally in the belevingsconcept, and I think they are the mustard, especially in the Netherlands: also on the Best Kept Secret is the vinylshop popular.’

Pukkelpop also shows that young people indeed has a major responsibility for the vinylboom – with a sales increase of 24.3 percent to a share of 8 percent in the total muziekverkoop, is vinyl the only physical medium still growing. “It continues to amaze me how many young people vinyl come buy,” says De Block. “There are also a few cds, but those are obviously less popular. You notice, however, that the concerts have an impact: when Amenra was ready, we got a lot of heavier people on the floor. Also after Yungblud are a few people to the album come and ask, but they had bad luck: that’s not out yet. I have them written down for a pre-order.’

Against Saturday afternoon was the shop already a few hundred vinyls lighter, know Of audenaerde was appointed – the final figures will follow until Monday. ‘That is not about large quantities, of course. But for those who like vinyl, it is great that it continues to grow.”

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