‘That the world is filled with leaders who are anything but Kofi Annan, makes this loss even more painful’

The death of top japanese diplomat Kofi Annan, provides international for a lot of responses. Native country of Ghana, announces a week of international mourning.

The Ghanaian president , Nana Akufo-Addo makes Saturday known to be the country from Monday for a week of national mourning set, a tribute to Annan. “He has made a significant contribution to the reputation of our country through his position, his attitude and his behavior in the world,” the president said in a statement.

The current UN secretary-general, the Portuguese António Guterres, has described his predecessor in a comment as a leading force for good. ‘Annan led the UN in the new millennium with an unprecedented level of dignity and determination, ” notes Guterres. “He gave everyone the space for dialogue and problem solving and offered a path to a better world. Annans legacy remains a true inspiration for everyone.”

Prime minister Charles Michel called Annan a statesman and a man of peace. “I will remember him for his fight for a commitment to multilateralism, for the protection of human rights and for the prevention of conflicts in the world,” says Michel.

‘Kofi Annan was the best example for mankind, the embodiment of human decency and grace. In a world that is filled with leaders who are anything but that, is this loss for the world, even more painful, ” says the High Commissioner for UN human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein.

Nato secretary-general Jens) says that Annan was someone who showed that he at the same time humane and a strong leader. ‘Heat should never be confused with weakness.’

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