Sixteen sisters pregnant at the same hospital

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MESA – The cause is still a mystery, but sixteen nurses in the same American hospital, his pregnant hit. That provides managers with the necessary headaches.

Ten percent of all the sisters is now pregnant. Patients of Banner Desert Medical Center starts now on to fall, writes the BBC. At a press conference jokes to the nurses that there is ’something in the water, must sit or that they are secretly the plan have taken to get a with Christmas.

The first baby should be in september to be born, the last in January. The very pregnant Rochelle Sherman thinks it’s great. “We were not, until we get a facebook group started,” she says. “When it turned out with how many we were. As if we have a pact concluded by them.”

Colleague Jolene Garrow thanked colleagues who raids and jobs refurbishing the pregnant sisters – that still work – can’t do it. That colleagues get something in return: next week, the sixteen nurses a common ’baby shower’.

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