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Ronnie Flex: The hardest rapper did the soft

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Ronnie Flex is the hardest rapper from the Netherlands, say that Ronnie Flex said it! He did so its best to not egotistical, but in terms of braggadocio this could count. The Dutch rapper with Surinamese roots was so happy with his spot on the Main Stage, that he was on the end of his set, his whole posse on stage early. Water pistols with it and it was so much fun. On the stage, but also sure.

‘Rapper’ does no longer load if it is about Ronnie Flex. He was today assisted by a band that are catchy songs from a Caribbean touch is provided. The congas targeted on your hips and the two backing singers gave Flex’ songs a touch of female flair.

Sense for melody has-ie, that Ronnie. And his musical crossover of hiphop and latin does today in the charts (also Brotherly specialized in it) and on festivals. With the sun on your face was it nice to dance, jump and even twerken: ‘All the ladies should now with their buttocks to me directed stand’, wore Ronnie Flex the crowd. And the female part of the crowd obeyed.

The new Ronnie is better

Of Energy splashed the time, energy, and also here the effect is contagious: the wei for the Main Stage turned into a dance floor, and that again was from N. E. R. D., that here yesterday occurred, ago.

Although it’s still not dark, we had Ronnie still our smartphonelichtjes the air in stitches. The ‘older people’ were also allowed to their lighter use. We have been in the looked around, but nothing a lighter and spotted. Meanwhile, Ronnie Flex long ‘4/5’ has been used, one from his old rapperdagen. Do us yet, but the new, exotic and melodic Ronnie Flex. That puts this autumn, a concert hall on fire.

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